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“COVID-19, the word that changed everyone’s life last year, 2020. Why? Because all the things we are used to doing suddenly changed. During the pandemic everyone suffers from losing a loved one to staying home from a very very long time. And still, we are in the same situation today.

I created this illustration not straightly knowing how to explain it’s connection to the Covid, but as I look at the image it slowly shows it’s true meaning. As the world is fighting the virus I imagine everyone as a piece of “LOCK”, a lock that secures us inside our homes, a lock that prevents our belongings from being stolen, and a lock that can connect everyone to one another.

How is my illustration connected to Covid?

I imagine this piece forming the shape of how everyone illustrates the virus. The connected locks form a shape of the virus. I made the locks locked to each other because during these tough times we are all together, fighting the Covid away.”

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